Deadline for abstract submission is August 17, 2020.

Abstract Submission Guidelines

  1. Abstracts must be sent only via online notice abstract sending system. The notice abstracts sent via e-mail and fax will not be received for consideration.
  2. Abstracts should be prepared according to Turkish grammar.
  3. Abstracts must be prepared the maximum part is 500 words and minimum part is 300 words.
  4. Abstract must be written in English or Turkish within the boundaries of abstract form.
  5. The notices sent can be written as research, review and case report. Research abstract must be structured. The abstract should include introduction and purpose, material and method, result and keywords.
  6. The number of minimum keywords must be 3 and maximum one must be 5 words.
  7. Abstract title must be short and reflect the abstract.
  8. Deadline for abstract submission is August 17, 2020.
  9. Full text submission will be available between August 1 and August 31, 2020.
  10. Online abstract submittal system enables us to save your notice until you decide to send and to re-work on it.
  11. The information sent to system online cannot be deleted and changed.
  12. Please make sure that you have filled places that is mandatory to fill in case of sending it online.
  13. Scientific Board members will assess notices sent determine scientific qualities and suitability of them.
  14. Evaluation results of notice abstracts will be sent to e-mail address specified during registration automatically in May 31, 2020 in case of sending process of notice. For this reason, the author who sent abstract must be the author who make presentation of the abstract.
  15. The authors who will make notice presentation (poster/oral) must make all payment transactions related to congress registrations until October 5, 2019 so that all notice abstracts accepted as verbal presentation are published in Congress program and abstract book.
  16. A author can register for maximum 3 notices.
  17. Participation fee for Innovative Product Exhibition which is within the structure of academic offer is for each work. The ones who would like to present more works must pay extra presentation fee.
  18. Group exhibition participation certificate will be given to work presenters. For group exhibition, materials like posters, product prototypes etc. belonging to innovative product, service or method are accepted. Products owner should give detailed information exhibition material in exhibition application.
  19. You can send detailed information and help related to online notice sending system to [email protected].

Oral and Poster Abstract Presentation Rules

  1. Oral presentations will be held in Turkish or English.
  2. Maximum time of verbal notice is planned to be 10 minutes (presentation and discussion).
  3. Oral presentations must be sent to the computer which is in control room at least 2 hours before presentation.
  4. Posters will be prepared in Turkish or English.
  5. Poster must consist of abstract, introduction, method, findings, results and discussion and the resources must be specified.
  6. Posters will be presented as e-poster.


Congress Abstract Awards

II. International Inovation in Nursing Congress Oral/Poster Presentation First Prize, Second Prize and Third Certificates and Prizes will be given to 3 oral and 3 poster studies selected by Abstract Evaluation Committee and presented as poster and verbal notice in our congress.

Case reports and reviews will not be evaluated. If multiple researchers prepared the notice that is granted an award, researchers will share the award between themselves. The researchers who granted an award will be declared in Congress Closing Ceremony and their awards will be given to them.

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