Valued Colleagues and Dear Students;

The term inovation, which is defined as developing and applying different new ideas, is now one of the common terms we hear in every field. The basic steps of initiating the inovation process in nursing; creating opportunities, providing motivation, supporting guiding processes and creating models that make the process attractive. Since 2012, we have been carrying out our inovation efforts in order to achieve effective and desired results in nursing services, to keep up with the constant changes and to integrate the inovation process into our services. We crowned our six years of inovation experience with the "1st International Inovation in Nursing Congress " held at Hilton Kozyatağı Hotel in Istanbul on 4-5 May 2018. In addition to many health professionals from both Turkey and abroad, the Ministry of Health executives, University executives, Health Directorate executives, NGO executives, academicians and students participated in the congress.

We are planning to hold our next meeting, "2nd International Inovation in Nursing Congress" on October 21-23, 2020 in Sheraton Grand Istanbul Atasehir, Istanbul. We are planning to hold the "1st Innovative Nursing Students Symposium" as a first in our congress with the contributions and participation of our students.

We are excited to share with you the most current and inovative congress programme that we prepared with a multidisciplinary organization for raising awareness. We aim to have a scientific feast with the presentations of our active teachers in the field with the competition where our colleagues and students can participate with the inovative inventions in our congress. Your participation in our congress will honor us.

We offer our love and respect.

Asst. Professor Yeliz DOĞAN MERİH
The President of Association and Congress

Prof. Merdiye ŞENDİR
Congress President
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